Tokenization Platform

A platform for the tokenization of assets based on Public or private blockchain for financial companies.

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Emission and circulation of financial assets on Credits blockchain infrastructure give a new form and technical implementation to the traditional banking and financial products using the principles of blockchain on the Credits platform.

The company can issue financial assets on the Credits public blockchain or a specially deployed private blockchain to protect data privacy.

A Token is a tool that allows for the transformation of physical or virtual assets into a digital asset on the Credits blockchain.

Use cases:

  • The national currency, bonds, promissory notes,
  • Bank guarantees, etc.
  • Securities: shares, certificates, and cheques.
  • Others: movie tickets, contractual agreements, financial statements, and reports, etc.

Analysts estimate that almost 50% of financial assets (shares, bonds, national currency) will be tokenized during the next 20 years. According to them, market depth amounts to $4 quadrillion USD.

Digital assets issued on a blockchain have the same properties but are technically implemented differently:

  • Products are issued on Credits blockchain and circulated within it and between the accounts (not within government systems).
  • Possibility to use a new asset and integrate it with other services: exchanges, traditional banks, debit cards, etc.
  • Transfers of digital assets directly between the network accounts bypassing intermediaries: banks, SWIFT, card services, etc.

Due to that, traditional products are implemented at a whole new level.

Integration Advantages

Simplification of international interactions.

The one-stop solution inside and outside the platform.

New mechanics and products with unique advantages for customers.

Ease of transfers of the assets with the system itself or third-party services.

Applicable to companies such as:

Tokenization benefits all companies, be it international, major, medium-sized, small companies, or startups.

Depending on the task there are different options of implementation

  • Public blockchain - suits for small and medium business with a low volume of data. The platform provides high levels of transparency and decentralization.
  • Private Blockchain - suits medium and significant companies or for projects with a high volume of data due to storing it on local company servers.
  • Credits Blockchain Cloud - separate and independent private blockchain network for data storage on cloud servers.

Platform components for integrated implementation of Supply chain management

  • Framework with role-based access control.
  • API for ERP/FI/MM/CO/WMS systems integration.
  • Private blockchain storage, based on Credits blockchain, for implementation of logistics management.
  • A user interface for a full accounting of write-offs and receipts of business transactions.
  • System for development and execution of user’s extensions/codes for process customization.
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