Telecom & IoT Solutions

Software for process automation, exchange, storage of data, and fraud control within the telecommunication industry.

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Application of Credits private blockchain by building an infrastructure for storage and transfer of data of subscribers, network data, and other information.

Use Cases

Mobile Number Portability MNP

The use of subscribers’ profiles in a decentralized network for storing data in order to provide the function of MSISDN number portability from one PLMN operator to another.

Subscribers roaming

Distributed storage of data about subscribers profiles between roaming partners. The use of a distributed network for data storage as a centralized database of subscribers, operators, and roaming partners for the purpose of cost reduction.

Revenue Assurance - Call Data Records

Storage of all information about services rendered in a single decentralized CDR database available to the roaming-partner. This approach eliminates the possibility of manipulation, loss, and change of the stored data, and guarantees the revenue for the services rendered.

IoT Internet of Things - Distributed Digital Ledger

Providing p2p interactions between the devices, and creating a database of profiles for hundreds of millions of devices, and providing this data to customers.

Decentralized HLR/HSS

Decentralized HSS with the use of Credits private blockchain between roaming partners for the instant exchange of encrypted authentication keys.

Decentralized EIR - Equipment Identity Register

Decentralized EIR database of mobile device identifiers (IMEI) with the use of Credits Private blockchain between the national and international operators.

Integration Advantages

Transparency for involved parties.

Minimizing fraud and losses.

Inability to duplicate accounts.

Cost reduction due to process automation.

Depending on the task there are different options for implementation

  • Public blockchain - suitable for small and medium businesses with a low volume of data. The platform provides high levels of transparency and decentralization.
  • Private Blockchain - suitable for medium and significant companies or for projects with a high amount of data due to storing it on local company servers.
  • Credits Blockchain Cloud - a separate and independent private blockchain network for data storage on cloud servers.

Platform components for integrated implementation of Supply chain management

  • Framework with role-based access control.
  • API for ERP/FI/MM/CO/WMS systems integration.
  • Private blockchain storage, based on Credits blockchain, for implementation of logistics management.
  • A user interfaces for a full accounting of write-offs and receipts of business transactions.
  • System for development and execution of users’ extensions/code for process customization.
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