Product Traceability Platform

Software solution for marking all production and logistics processes and for storing information in a blockchain.

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Storing data in an immutable and public (or hybrid public-private) Credits Storage:

  • Provides Product Ingredient Details.
  • Data on production, shipment, storage and use of goods & services.

Blockchain storage immutability guarantees product authenticity.

Blockchain technology is the main feature, basis of the platform which provides the independence of the whole platform.

  • The data cannot be deleted, changed and falsified.
  • The solution provides conclusive evidence that the goods were produced in a particular place with a specific material.

This ensures high transparency and trust between the suppliers and the buyers

Applicable to Companies such as

Producers and suppliers of goods and services. Logistics and production companies of all sizes.

For example, a company producing autos adds information about service conditions. The recorded data cannot be changed or corrected afterward. Then, a buyer of a second-hand car can check this information and verify its accuracy. Subsequently, this data and the company become credible to the buyer.

Integration Advantages

Elimination of counterfeits due to marking.

A reliable third-party system for marking goods.

Internal control of produced goods.

The openness of interactions with end-consume.

Competitive advantages upon integration.

Field of Application

  • Expensive goods: the luxury sector.
  • Essential goods: medical supplies.
  • Reusable products with changing owners.
  • Complex technical equipment and products.
  • Goods sold in various countries.

Different implementations depending on the task

  • Integrated software to launch a service for marking goods with all information stored on Credits public blockchain.
  • Private blockchain. Due to storing the data on the company’s local servers it suits well for big and medium-sized companies or projects with a high volume of stored data.
  • Credits Blockchain Cloud - separate and independent private blockchain network for data storage on cloud servers.

The composition of the platform for labeling goods

  • Framework with role-based access control.
  • API for ERP/FI/MM/CO/WMS systems integration.
  • Private blockchain storage based on Credits blockchain technology for implementing logistics management
  • A user interfaces for a full accounting of write-offs and receipts of business transactions.
  • System for development and execution of users’ extensions/code for process customization.
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