Партнеры-интеграторы Credits Enterprise

Партнерская программа Credits - это программа, нацеленная на совместную работу для разработки идеальных решений, соответствующих требованиям клиента, и на поддержку сервисов, созданных на основе блокчейн-технологий Credits. Давайте создадим нечто великое - вместе.

Развивайте свой бизнес вместе с нами

Станьте частью нашей сети партнеров, и мы поможем Вам развивать свой бизнес и интегрировать клиентские решения Credits в Вашей стране, регионе и найдем пользователей среди нашей сети.

Создавайте с нами

Мы работаем сообща, чтобы удостовериться, что Ваши продукты идеально работают с нашими и полностью готовы для клиентов. Благодаря совместной работе Вы получите доступ к продуктам Credits, документации о платформе, стандартах сертификации и поддержке от нашей команды.

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Webcom Systems is a squad of thoughtful, pragmatic and innovative professionals to deliver turnkey customized cutting edge solutions such as web design & development, mobile applications, E-Commerce, UI/UX Design and blockchain-based solutions.

USAT Inc. (United Scientists Association of Technology Inc.)

Digital incubator

USAT Inc. is an Australian organization utilizing blockchain-enabled technology to store, fund, develop, and commercialize intellectual property. The United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. operates as a digital incubator for highly profitable and novel commercial ideas.



Consult360 is a company of passionate professionals that has exclusively established development and delivery of Digital Transformation Solutions and perform Sales and Marketing strategies for “Global” wholesale distribution along with Blockchain based solutions to serve Financial Industry, Data Security, Data Privacy and related digital products for businesses.


Info Rise IT


Info Rise is a multinational company, with its expertise in Odoo Framework and has direct offices in Bahrain, Germany, India, KSA and UAE. It is a consulting and services company specializing in delivering business solutions based on Odoo framework with its approach to implementing solutions for our customers being to target specific issues and deliver solutions in manageable, affordable Odoo based software.




CBE (China Blockchain Expert) was founded in 2017 by professionals in Blockchain Industry, Investment, Media, Exchange platforms, IT business and Consultant Industry in Asia.




Blockchainfirm is an enterprise blockchain solution and services provider, based in France. It provides a huge number of blockchain solutions for business across finance, healthcare, e-commerce, supply chain, and many other industries. The team consists of 30+ blockchain technology experts, who have been building technology solutions since 2014.




Iteora helps to build businesses by implementing complex projects that involve high-tech solutions. It is based in Dusseldorf, St.Petersburg and Novosibirsk and participates in a large number of ventures. The company aims to provide software solutions for clients’ ideas which are reflected on creating suitable and powerful apps. Its team also helps customers to build their startups and train their technical staff. All this is to be accomplished by integrating ongoing IT consultations, full-cycle software, updates, and body leasing.


Ginete Technologies

Ginete Technologies is a blockchain development and consulting company that provides its customers with the most advanced and profitable solutions for improving their current financial and business models.

Canopus Infosystems


Canopus Infosystems is a specialist in providing services in the emerging technologies and focused on (Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud) stack. It has profound experience from working with global clients in mobile app development and is an end to end shop from concept to design to development to maintenance.

Shamla Tech


SHAMLA TECH is a world-class online solutions provider to businesses around the world. SHAMLA has proliferated globally and now has become a renowned name, primarily due to its powerhouse combination of qualified professionals, latest technologies and tenacious passion for what they do.



Gems Digital Media Pvt. Ltd. is a team of designers and developers with experienced project managers who together work as a team and deliver solutions ultimately satisfying the clients. It offers cutting edge solutions in Web Design & Development, Software Development, Mobile App Development, Blockchain Development and other IT enabled services.



Oodles is a company that uses a wide range of technologies to create a perfect medium for all kind of demands. The key element of the company is a user-friendly approach. It provides an opportunity for its users to take advantage of all modern tools and to improve their business projects. With over a decade of experience, Oodles delivers its clients effective and evolving technology solutions.

Infograins Software Solutions


Infograins is a leading software development company specializing in custom software development & digital marketing that provides solutions for clients across the globe. Its highly experienced-dedicated team of software developers & online marketing consultants are capable to provide best-in-class, robust & cost-effective software solutions along with best online marketing services.

Cyber Infrastructure


CIS is experienced and established IT-Company that provides top-notch services to its worldwide clients. They provide custom software development services across many spheres including Blockchain Development and Integration.

Osiz PulseHyip


Pulsehyip is the best Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment script provider. It enables you to create your own fiat currencies and Cryptocurrency investment business platform. Pulsehyip provides complete high-secured HYIP investment business solutions. By using their services users are able to create their own unique fiat currencies and Cryptocurrency investment business platform and can take advantage of a full continuum of exclusive features. It is also Bitcoin and cryptocurrency Exchange script and software provider in India.



ThinkdataLabs is a blockchain software developer that offers tailor-made solutions for various industries ranging from Supply Chain, Financial Services, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment to Government, Real Estate, Airline & Hotels and Education. Their team of professional blockchain developers and consultants offer services such as Blockchain consulting, prototyping, implementation and its support to companies of all sizes.

Rego Technologies


Rego Techno Solutions is a leading website design and web development brand from India. It offers its clients creative solutions across design and development, hosting, software development, digital marketing and many more. Rego has also started participating in blockchain development through many innovative and creative approaches that may expand the boundaries of this technology. The company has its share in the markets of such geographical regions as India, USA, Canada, etc.



Toughlex offers state-of-the-art digital products for international companies as well as small businesses. It is a professional team that works towards satisfying its clients and delivering high levels of performance. It has successful cases across a wide range of service sectors be it banking, insurance, travel, transportation, telecommunications and etc.

VGosh Info


Vgosh Info is one of the leading software developer in Chennai with its unique software products that supports large organizations with digital solutions and has over 15 years of professional experience. Vgosh Info uses an individual approach to each client and all the manner of way takes into account all client’s business requirements. It provides a detailed vision of the client’s product, develops guidelines and specifications for the product and finally achieves the best possible results.



GpsyPro is an innovative IT-company that brings effective business solutions and has an individual approach to the customers’ needs. It has numerous successful cases and different IT solutions for various industries. Company’s main aim is to develop high-tech products and provide the best services that would meet the requirements of business projects.

Mind Inventory


Mind Inventory is a top-notch Web and Mobile App Development Company of India with its global presence in USA, UK, Australia, South Africa and Chile. Their aim is to provide high-performance Mobile and Web Applications by leveraging its vast experience offering the best enterprise IT solutions in the industry to companies of all sizes.



OpenXcell is CMMI Level 3 software development company established in 2008. It is a team of software engineers, technology enthusiasts, and creative designers focused on delivering high-performance and scalable software products to different industries. We have experience of developing and maintaining successful software products, blockchain products, eCommerce portals, marketplaces, social networks, real-time business analytics, and composite sync and integrations.




Netcore is a web development services provider that serves businesses across the globe and offers handmade webpages, eCommerce solutions, mobile applications development, complex CRM\ERP\SCM, blockchain services and other custom solutions. Each of their work is custom made for a specific client, its brand and business requirements.



Business Software Solutions

Bajalogics provides Software Solutions and Information Technologies Consulting to help the small, medium and enterprise size companies and executives by leveraging its profound experience, to resolve their operational challenges, comply with customers and government regulations, and achieve their business goals.


E-Soft Solution


E-Soft Solutions is an Antivirus and Security provider working with government and private organizations.The E-Soft team began production and distribution of antivirus 15 years ago. Today their products help secure the networks used by 1 million people in 75 districts of the nation and 1000’s of businesses.




Look4App Software House is a service provider for custom blockchain & web app development. L4A utilizes the newest and most reliable technologies and frameworks along with their vast experience to provide solutions, such as cryptocurrencies, cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain projects, and financial web platforms.



SoftwareHut is a team of passionate people that provides custom solutions for startups, agencies and enterprises. They combine the practical know-how of software development with IT project management skills.


WebVenture Development


Webventure's focus is to increase the client’s competitiveness through technology by either simplifying specific business processes, or by developing new tools or even by reshaping the ones that are not matching their real potential. The Webventure team is putting a lot of passion and effort in the work and take Client’s businesses personal and provide the best possible solutions with a project-centric approach by finding the right technology mix to meet your needs.




S-PRO provides software solutions ranging from analytics and consulting to delivery and launch. It is a technical partner for enterprises and startups that guides them through the business development process. The team consists of more than 150 professionals, who deliver market-driven solutions and ensure a smooth and efficient workflow in AI, Enterprise automation, Design & Branding, Development of the blockchain, Web & Mobile Apps.



Applicature is a blockchain development agency that is headquartered in San Francisco, California and has a development center in Ukraine. It offers blockchain development services, full-cycle technical support for blockchain projects and deals with research and customization of blockchain solutions. Applicature serves as a technical advisory to blockchain companies, and as a technical consultancy for token offerings. Over the past few years, Applicature has been involved in over 100 projects and has helped dozens of companies with their blockchain projects.




Fifth&Tech is the system integrator and supplier of technology solutions based in Dubai, UAE. It provides solutions and services for Cloud, Fintech, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence industries through niche partners.


Antier Solutions


Antier leverages the blockchain and other technologies, such as distributed ledger and smart contracts, to create scalable applications that are not dependent on assets, ranging from white-label exchange platforms (centralized, decentralized, and P2P), smart wallets to ICO, STO, tokens and other enterprises based on blockchain.



MixBytes is a team of experienced developers providing top-notch blockchain solutions, smart contract security audits and tech advisory. They develop, test and deploy tailor-made solutions with goal-specific business logic.

Dreamguys Technologies


Dreamguy’s Technologies is a young creative technology Solutions Company skilled in and with a very good understanding of Web Applications Development, implementation, web design, best practice and maintenance, with vast expertise in Mobile Apps Development and Cloud Computing and Digital Marketing.

Blockchain Advisory Board

IT Consulting

Blockchain Advisory brings clarity to the often confusing topics of blockchain, Bitcoin, distributed ledger technology (DLT), crypto-currencies and related innovations. It helps clients by providing actionable advice on how these innovations will add value to their business now, and in the future.




Primafelicitas is based in San Francisco and London and deals with a wide range of clients from consumers to enterprises and governments. The feature of the company is to customer-oriented approach that is achieved by conducting extensive upfront research and by planning and providing the most suited solutions. Primafelicitas team has a vast experience of working in a sphere of innovative technologies that is why it is acquainted with all the niceties of technological process and enables to offer the best services for business and consumer’s need.


The Distributed Network for Smart Markets

Hyperion is a modern technology provider that allows people to get experience and take part in a technological environment. through Gemunomic interactive experiences. Developing automated tools on a distributed network to provide efficiency and scalability, from an individual to an enterprise level. By leveraging blockchain technology, Hyperion enables a decentralized, autonomous, trust-less ecosystem or 'smart market' to occur, giving new meaning to the free market.

Aspire Software


Aspire is a high-technology company with a development center in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India that provides Customized Software Development Services. It carries out its activities in Healthcare, Education, E-Commerce, Finance and Telecom areas. The company seeks to develop a productive working relationship with a view to accelerate time to market, reduce operational cost, and empower clients to devote more time to their core business.

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