Supply Chain platform

Software designed for automation, management, and control of the delivery of goods and services on all stages providing full transparency of transactions and reduction of operating costs.

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All shipments and charges are recorded in the platform based on blockchain. A manufacturer or a retailer with a significant number of customers and suppliers deploys the software, to which all their partners connect.

The platform allows you to create algorithms for its operation in automatic mode. For example, upon the purchase of goods by an end consumer payment is automatically transferred and reward accrual is formed.

At the time of goods or services delivery, a shipment is formed, and all data is recorded in the Credits Supply Chain Platform.

The main feature is that the platform is based on blockchain technology which makes it independent.

  • The data about shipments and transactions cannot be deleted, changed, or falsified.
  • The solution provides conclusive evidence to prove the delivery.

This solution allows for achieving a high level of transparency and creating trust in interactions between suppliers and buyers.

Integration Advantages

Transparency of payment and goods and services transfers between the parties.

Increase of trust when working with the third-party autonomous system.

Inability to change or falsify the data.

Reduction of costs through automation of interaction processes.

Applicable to companies such as:

Companies with a great number of customers, suppliers, and distant buyers with high geographical distance

  • Global companies.
  • Large regional companies.
  • Medium-sized industry companies.
  • Internet companies of any size.

Supply Chain Management

Depending on the task there are different options for implementation

  • Public blockchain - suitable for small and medium businesses with a low volume of data. The platform provides high levels of transparency and decentralization.
  • Private Blockchain - suitable for medium and large companies or for projects with a high amount of data due to storing it on local company servers.
  • Credits Blockchain Cloud - a separate and independent private blockchain network for data storage on cloud servers.

Platform components for integrated implementation of Supply chain management

  • Framework with role-based access control.
  • API for ERP/FI/MM/CO/WMS systems integration.
  • Private blockchain storage, based on Credits blockchain, for implementation of logistics management.
  • A user interfaces for a full accounting of write-offs and receipts of business transactions.
  • System for development and execution of users’ extensions/code for customization of processes.
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