Monitoring & control platform

Monitoring and Control Systems for thefts and fraud prevention.

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Platform solution for storage of business process information and other data in an immutable database.

The data is recorded and replicated in a stable platform whose storage system is based on Credits blockchain. The data is stored on the blockchain and cannot be deleted or changed even by the system administrator. There’s only the ability to record additional information.

Recording and storing the data in the blockchain.

Use cases:

  • Management of document flow between all participants
  • Data on goods and services
  • Financial transaction accounting
  • Initiate workflow and commands with event triggers

This ensures high transparency of all operations and trust in interactions between suppliers and customers.

Integration Advantages

The immutability of the performed actions and stored data.

Elimination of internal fraud.

Reliable replicated storage.

Minimizing human factor.

Field of application

Applicable to the medium-sized and big companies in:

  • Banking and Financing - accounting of financial operations.
  • Medicine - recording and storing the data about patients and analyses.
  • Government-issued passports, documents, and personal data.
  • Production - Monitoring data from sensors.
  • Other industries.

Supply chain management

Different implementations depending on the requirements

  • Comprehensive software for launching a monitoring service and recording data on the public blockchain Credits.
  • Private blockchain. Due to storing the data on the company’s local servers it suits well for big and medium-sized companies or projects with a high volume of stored data.
  • Credits Blockchain Cloud - separate and independent private blockchain network for data storage on cloud servers.

The composition of the platform for the integrated implementation of monitoring processes

  • Framework with role-based access control.
  • API for ERP/FI/MM/CO/WMS systems integration.
  • Private blockchain storage, based on Credits blockchain, for implementation of logistics management.
  • A user interfaces for a full accounting of write-offs and receipts of business transactions.
  • System for development and execution of users’ extensions/code for process customization.
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