Interbanking messenger platform

Software package based on Credits Private blockchain for building interbank and intrabank interactions for sending commercial messages and commands.

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The system allows controlling and confirming all internal and external client transactions, cross-border transfers and payments.

Due to decentralization and immutable transaction history, the database allows authorized users to track and analyze transactions within any period.

The solution is implemented on Credits Private blockchain and has the following features:

  • Ability to deploy independent messaging network between partners with equal access for each participant. When one of the participants disconnects, the network continues its operations with the remaining participants.
  • Immutable replicated storage. Information cannot be deleted from the database.
  • Role-based access to the data and transactions at the fundamental level protected by EDS.

Credits Interbanking Advantages

Credits is able to provide features necessary for verification of Nostro accounts such as:

Real-time events processing.

Updating transaction status.

Complete audit trails.

Visibility of expected and available balances.

Simplified real-time confirmation of account records.

Identifying pending records and potentially related issues, as well as the data necessary for reporting.

Saving up to 90% of the SWIFT costs.

For Banks and Financial Companies

A system deployed on Credits private blockchain for inter and intra-bank use and communications between corporate, branches and subsidiaries.

  • Facilitates communication between groups of banks and partner networks.
  • Between the banks in different countries.

Based on Credits Private Blockchain

Technology stack

  • ОС: Linux, Windows
  • Programming Languages: Core C++, API: Java, C#, Python, JS and others
  • DBMS: BerkeleyDB
  • RPC: Apache Thrift
  • IPv4/IPv6


  • Block formation time - 0.3~0.5 sec
  • Transaction processing time from 0.01 sec
  • Smart contract processing time from 0.1 sec
  • The volume of transactions per second - 200 000
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The solution includes the following modules:

  • An exchange service of financial data between all network participants.
  • An interactive messaging service between partners.
  • File sharing service.
  • Information and analytical service.
  • API for automation and integration into financial infrastructure.
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