Bonoox Loyalty Platform

Platform facilitating brand loyalty programs. Issue loyalty points as a token on the Credits blockchain platform for enhanced customer interaction and results.

  • Loyalty program SaaS
  • Customized solution
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We offer 3 options for launching brand loyalty program for your business:

  • SaaS web-based platform
  • Integration into the existing Bonoox system
  • Launch of separate Bonoox platform on the private blockchain

Credits blockchain allows distributing of loyalty points, attracting new customers, traffic generation and increased customer interaction.

New points can be sent not only within the frames of the current campaign but can also be sent to customers and partners outside the system.

Credits Bonoox Loyalty Platform allows issuance of loyalty points and the federation of multiple points programs into one system. This ensures the effect of brand loyalty program for major and international systems with customers from all over the world.

Integration Advantages

Ability to combine with or convert to other points.

Properties similar to traditional money and valuables.

Ease of points transfers between customers.

Transparency of points transfers between customers.

Ease of points burning and combining with other companies.

Modern gamification mechanics.

Field of Application

Applicable to the companies with a significant number of customers and suppliers with high geographical distance.

  • Major companies.
  • Big regional companies.
  • Medium-sized industry companies.
  • Small and micro companies.
  • Internet companies of any size.

Different implementations depending on the requirements

  • Integrated SaaS cabinet with CRM and management of all processes implemented in the website interface. Suits perfectly for small and new companies.
  • Private blockchain. Due to storing the data on the company’s local servers it suits well for big and medium-sized companies or projects with a high volume of stored data.

Platform components for integrated implementation of the Loyalty program

  • Platform with role-based access for different program participants.
  • API for integration with customer’s accounting systems.
  • Credits Public blockchain storage for high transparency of all operations.
  • Mobile interface to reach your mobile-centric audiences.
  • System for development and execution of owner’s programs customization.
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