Credits Blockchain DataBase (DBMS)

An Immutable and replicable Database for logging every transaction.
  • Native replicable system (working from core level)
  • More secure than traditional relational model DB
  • Maximize data saving solution (immutable solution)
  • Higher speed of data transfer between databases
  • Fast reading & writing operations (750 000 per sec)

What is Credits Blockchain DataBase (DBMS)?

Immutable database (storage) based on Key=Value (NoSQL) principles. A database without the ability to change previously stored data.

System for reliable data management, change of format and protocol for saved data. Quick data replication, restoration and back-up with ability to create your own formats and achieve fast replication of big data volumes with our high-performance storage system.

Why Credits Blockchain DataBase (DBMS)?

More reliable than traditional Databases due to scaling and the ability to replicate and distribute data storage to many servers.

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Native replications are performed at the core storage level. Credits core algorithms, network protocols and innovative resource usage provide for fast efficient data transmission at scale.

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Fast data writing, ranging from 500,000 per second on Windows Nodes to 1,000,000 per second on Linux Nodes with Credits usage algorithms for parallel data reading and writing operations.

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Inability to change and\or delete transactions or data stored in the DB. All information is stored in interconnected blocks which prevents data tampering by a DB Administrator.

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Full logging of DB actions; all transactions and logs are saved to provide fast and secure system for storage restoration after emergency shutdown.

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  • Volume of transactions is rated from 500,000 (Win) to 1,000,000 (Linux) per second;
  • Speed of 85Mbps(without sharding) in native replication mode while the database is fully operational (including reading & writing operations synchronization and replication);
  • No limit for users that can interact with storage simultaneously;
  • Cross-platform ready, with the ability to use it on Windows and *nix systems;
  • Ability to partition large databases to aid in the management of large DBs more efficiently;
  • Enterprise-Scale Load Handling;
  • Big Data capable;
  • Multi-size data support with the support for typified\non-typified data formats;
  • All changes are saved as a separate event (transaction) that enables fast system restoration after emergency shutdown without recent DB copies;
  • In-Memory Database (IMDB) technology support;
  • Ability to create stored procedures and triggers (with JAVA);


Features Credits DBMS MS SQL 2016 Mongo DB Oracle 12i My SQL
CRUD No (without using of relational DB) Yes (with using of relational DB) Yes (with using of relational DB) Yes (with using of relational DB) Yes (with using of relational DB)
Data immutability Yes (with using of blockchain structure) No No No No
Decentralized Yes (with using of blockchain structure) No No No No
High performance Yes No Yes Yes No
Low Latency Yes No Yes No No
Query capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Storage Procedure YES (JAVA) Yes (T-SQL) No Yes (T-SQL) No
BigData Yes (large-database partition) No Yes (NoSQL) Yes (Enterprise versions) No
Platform Linux, Windows Windows Linux, Windows Linux, Windows Linux, Windows
InMemory Yes No Yes Yes (Enterprise versions) No
Cryptographic Types Yes No No No No
Built-in replication Yes (On-Line mode) No Yes (sharding mode) No No

Products Features

Distributed storage
  • Storage system without the ability to change transactions (operations)
  • High level of system fault tolerance due to native data replication system on all storage system levels
  • Use of highly secure encryption & hashing algorithms
  • Full compliance with Blockchain technology data storage
  • Cross-platform solution
For highload usage
  • Worldwide high speed access to writing\reading of data
  • Unlimited volume of atomic object storage
  • Unlimited volume of stored data (depends on Subscription)
  • C++, JAVA
  • Transactions validation by CDCA
  • Credits blockchain Storage
  • NoSQL solution based on Key=Value technology
  • Streaming data compression on Core storage level
  • Data compression on system level with dynamic storage unit size
  • Fast & high-performance database fault tolerance system
  • Ability to configure format of stored data by yourself

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