Credits Public blockchain

Public Decentralized Blockchain
  • Fully decentralised
  • Ideal for issuance of financial instruments
  • Inexpensive transactions
  • High speed of transactions ~ 0.1 sec
  • For small and big highload applications

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What is Credits Public blockchain?

It’s a decentralized and distributed blockchain system to store data and launch financial products

  • Data storage in blockchain
  • Smart contracts
  • Digital asset - token
  • Cryptocurrency Credits (CS)

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Why Credits Public blockchain?

Blockchain is the future

Decentralized blockchain

For token issuance and storage in the network that doesn’t have an owner or administrator. It’s perfect for global presence and issuance of digital and financial assets.

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High security

Consensus and data transmission protocol is a Credits unique development. Blocks are validated according to Byzantine general concept (BFT)

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High speed of transactions

Network is capable to process more than hundreds thousand of transactions in a second with each transaction being processed in ~0.1 second.

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Flexible smart contracts

Use JAVA to create various services, issue tokens and automate business

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Products Features

Decentralized and distributed platform
  • Public network with anyone able to connect and use it
  • Network without central administrator
  • Storage system without the ability to change transactions (operations)
  • Autonomous smart contracts
  • Highly secure hashing algorithm Blake2b
  • Cross-platform solution
For highload usage
  • Worldwide high speed access to writing\reading of data
  • Optimized network protocol that allows management of data transmission at low levels of the OSI model
  • Highly secure 2-Stage Consensus secured by crypto-window operations
  • C++, JAVA
  • Transaction validation by CDCA
  • Credits blockchain Storage
  • UDP+Confirmation
  • EDS (ED25519)
  • Streaming data compression on network protocol level
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • Blake2b
Storage & Transmission protocol
  • UDP protocol with package delivery confirmation
  • Streaming data compression on Core storage level
  • Data compression on System level
  • Dynamic storage unit size
  • Fast & high-performance database fault tolerance system
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 support

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