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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Credits & Fifth&Tech

Credits and Fifth&Tech have signed Memorandum Of Understanding.

Fifth&Tech is the system integrator and supplier of technology solutions based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Fifth&Tech provides solutions and services for Cloud, Fintech, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence industries through niche partners. This approach helps companies move into a digital space and help reduce their operating costs, increase profits and become more efficient.

Credits and Fifth&Tech agreed to support each other in the popularization of Credits blockchain products and future implementations of such products to the users. The companies agreed to provide to each other informational and partner support on the questions of future use of the Credits blockchain solutions and business use of it.

It's natural to define a complex of Credits products that are recognised by Fifth & Tech thanks to outstanding features of Credits technologies, especially the consensus protocol, the transport protocol and the data validation protocol. The project has two target directions: 

  • Public Blockchain Platform - open sourced software for development of smart contracts and decentralized applications with an internal cryptocurrency CS with free access for everybody to use.
  • Credits Enterprise - private blockchain solutions for business. The list of private products includes private blockchain, subchain and decentralized database.

A wide range of products symbolizes the ability to meet the needs of various industries with corresponding growth of demand. The technical capabilities of the platform like network capacity up to 1 million transactions per second, fast speed of validation of transactions and autonomous smart contracts simplify the procedure of integration of blockchain products and contemporary business which can be emphasized as an unsurpassed advantage over other competitors.


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