Credits & CBE Partnership

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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Credits & CBE Partnership

Credits Blockchain Platform would like to bring to notice a China Blockchain Expert company - our new partner that links businesses with Top Token and Traditional funds from China, connects appropriate resources and consolidates strategic networks to do an acceleration.

China Blockchain Expert is a team of professionals in the field of Blockchain, Business-IT, Investments, Exchange platforms and Media. The company provides consultancy support and has helped to improve more than 30 businesses from China, Europe and the USA. CBE has a presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Europe, USA and keeps expanding its operation worldwide. A list of the company’s available services includes:

  • Blockchain Events
  • Business Development
  • PR & Marketing
  • Exchange Listing Services 

CBE has its Ecosystem fund that involves several partners with their own unique resources. The collaboration within the system provided an opportunity to reflect on perfect solutions for projects requiring support. China Blockchain Expert finds Credits as an ambitious project with unique technical advantages that could swell the ranks of its Ecosystem and contribute to the common goals. Credits and CBE have a similar approach resulting in unsparing efforts to make their services faster, cheaper and more comfortable. 

About Credits Blockchain Platform

Credits is an international company that was founded in 2015 and is located in the USA, Singapore and Russia. Credits offers public and private solutions to its clients in any field of business needs. The peculiarity of Credits is a high-speed decentralized blockchain platform that provides up to 1 million transactions per second with a confirmation time of a single transaction around 0.1 second and low fees around 0.001 USD. The platform is intended to develop standalone smart contracts and decentralized applications.


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