Credits & Arkbauer Partnership

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Friday, June 28, 2019

Credits & Arkbauer Partnership

Credits wishes to inform its crypto community of entering into a new partnership with Arkbauer, custom software and web application developer. Both companies see each other as stable business partners and look forward to many long-term benefits.

Arkbauer is a team of experts who work double tides and master their technologies on a daily basis. This is a way how the company meets all modern challenges and provides unique and valued solutions for the customers’ businesses. Such approach is accompanied by a particular process of communication and enables to increase competitiveness and advantage in international and local markets.

Arkbauer’s great knowledge base allows to design and develop custom software for the following industries:

  • Fintech. High-end solutions for security and data transparency
  • Technology. Software development, Mobile, UI & UX, Artificial Intelligence and etc
  • Manufacturing & Production. From automation of simple tasks to use of modern robotics, AI and machine learning
  • Tourism. Big data collection and analysis, real-time offers and other solutions
  • Healthcare. Modern devices usage and robotic solutions

Credits and Arkbauer arrived at a common understanding of the necessity to seek and develop innovative solutions for IT marketplace. Further cooperation implies joint consultations and knowledge-sharing in order to be up to any technological challenges.

About Credits Blockchain Platform

Credits is an international company that was founded in 2015 and is located in the USA, Singapore and Russia. Credits offers public and private solutions to its clients in any field of business needs. The peculiarity of Credits is a high-speed decentralized blockchain platform that provides up to 1 million transactions per second with a confirmation time of a single transaction around 0.1 second and low fees around 0.001 USD. The platform is intended to develop standalone smart contracts and decentralized applications.


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