Credits & BlockchainFirm Partnership

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Credits & BlockchainFirm Partnership

Credits is pleased to announce a new partnership with Blockchainfirm.

Blockchainfirm is an enterprise blockchain solution and services provider, based in France. Blockchainfirm provides a huge number of blockchain solutions for business across finance, healthcare, e-commerce, supply chain and many other industries. The team consists of 30+ blockchain technology experts, who have been building technology solutions since 2014.

Blockchainfirm provides a wide range of services, which gives an opportunity to choose the best suited for every business, namely:

  • DApps development
  • Crypto wallet development
  • Smart contract development
  • Smart contract audit
  • Private blockchain development
  • Exchange platform development

Blockchainfirm recognizes the potential of scalability and speed of Credits platform and partnered with the purpose of DApps development using Credits Public blockchain. Companies also agreed to provide to each other informational and partner support in the questions of future use of the Credits blockchain solutions and business use of it.

Blockchainfirm is committed to offering its partners robust incentives, paving the way for the greater success of our partnership and Credits technology. Our unique features and tools for simple and affordable Dapps development is the way to achieve recognition across the globe and move the adoption of Credits platform forward.


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