Credits Private blockchain

Private blockchain on Credits protocol & technologies
  • Launch in a few clicks
  • Unlimited data storage on clients servers
  • Extended API from smart-contract
  • Additional encryption for hiding data
  • 0.001 sec per tns. 500 000+ tps
  • Different permitted nodes’ access

What is Credits Private blockchain?

Decentralized and distributed data storage on a private and independent blockchain owned by customer for various business tasks. Customers deploy it on their own servers and with their own access rules. Fast and easy-to-launch. Ability to use encryption (to hide the data). Ready to use.

  • Data storage in blockchain
  • Smart contract
  • Tokens

Why Credits Private blockchain?

Blockchain is the future

Any volume of data

All blockchain data is stored on your servers. You are free to choose where and how much data to store (GB\TB or more) Perfect for big volumes of data

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Saving money

Savings are achieved thanks to avoiding costs outside of Credits Private Blockchain. User does not pay for the storage and confirmation of transactions. Everything is confirmed by the nodes of the network according to the consensus.

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Guarantee of immutability

The information is collected in blocks, signed and confirmed by the nodes of the network according to the Credits Private Blockchain consensus. The network of nodes is decentralized. Each node stores a copy of the database.

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Full privacy

All data is stored on your Credits Private Blockchain network, to which unauthorized parties have no access, and the immutability of this data is confirmed by all network nodes. Full confidentiality of data.

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Products Features

Private blockchain
  • Irrevocable transactions\operations\events
  • Network without central administrator
  • Ability to use encryption (to hide the data)
  • Autonomous smart contracts
  • Ability to program any business process
  • Customization\adjustment possibility
  • Highly secure hashing algorithm Blake2b
  • Cross-platform solution
For highload usage
  • Worldwide high speed access to writing\reading of data
  • Optimized network protocol that allows management of data transmission at low levels of the OSI model
  • Highly secure 2-Stage Consensus secured by crypto-window operations
  • C++, JAVA
  • Transaction validation by CDCA
  • Credits blockchain Storage
  • UDP+Confirmation
  • EDS (ED25519)
  • Streaming data compression on network protocol level
  • IPv4, IPv6
  • Blake2b
Storage & Transmission protocol
  • UDP protocol with package delivery confirmation
  • Streaming data compression at the Core storage level
  • Data compression at the System level
  • Dynamic storage unit size
  • Fast & high-performance database fault tolerance system
  • Native IPv4 and IPv6 support
Private decentralized and distributed storage
  • Private network with limited and manageable access
  • Network without central administrator
  • Storage system without the ability to change transactions (operations)
  • Autonomous smart contracts
  • Highly secure hashing algorithm Blake2b
  • Cross-platform solution

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